S4. E71. 9 Tips to Manifest Your Goals Faster!

Manifesting is such an important piece of your business, but it often gets met with some resistance. We work so hard on our product or our sales pitch, and sometimes put our mindset on the backburner. In today's episode I talk all about the Law of Attraction and give you 9 tips on how to manifest your goals even faster. 



  • What is the Law of Attraction? [3:09]

  • Get specific about what it is that you want [4:24]

  • Spending time living in that future vision [5:56]
  • Be consistant with your visualizations [8:12]

  • What it means to "act as if..." [10:53]

  • Ignore your current results [16:24]
  • Do the things that make you feel good [18:51]

  • Back everything up with ACTION [20:57]


  • "What can you do to step into that dream version of yourself NOW?" [11:34]

  • "You get what you are, not what you want" [13:36]

  • "Faith is the currency of the universe" [15:35]
  • "Current results are based on previous thoughts" [17:07]


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69. The Power of the Podcast with Trevor Oldham

My guest today, Trevor Oldham, is a hard-working entrepreneur, who actually started his first business while he was still in school! Back in 2017, Trevor had clients who wanted to get publicity through being featured on blog posts came to him about being guests on podcasts. He started pitching those clients as podcast guests and Trevor found that he enjoyed the process and his clients enjoyed being podcast guests… Thus Trevor founded Podcasting You.



  • How Trevor started a 6 figure business from his dorm room [2:55]

  • Trevor's experience with burnout and how he moved past it [7:39]

  • A little bit more about Podcasting You [11:28]
  • Why Trevor decided to really go for it [12:24]

  • The difference between using social media and podcasting to get your message out [18:51]

  • You don't need a podcast to work with Trevor [21:25]
  • How to connect with Trevor online [26:41]


  • "Be brave enough to make a shift" [9:50]

  • "Having a podcast gives you...

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138. 3 ways to grow your business for virtually free.

You can literally use these three tips to grow your business and they are virtually FREE!! Using the tips I share in this episode, I give you my top three tips on how to grow your audience which in turn grows your business. Grab a pen sister... you're going to love these three tips.



  • Tip 1: Grow your email list [1:44]

  • Tip 2: Live videos [6:49]

  • Tip 3: Being a guest speaker [9:39]


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