S4. E85. What if no one could see how many followers you have...?

How would you show up differently on Instagram if no one could see how many followers you have? In this episode, I share my thoughts on what would happen if Instagram hid the number of followers we have. Would it be better?



  • Are you interested in a social media masterclass? [1:07]

  • Do you equate followers with success? [3:18]

  • The engagement is what really counts! [6:08]


  • "I want to help you maximize the time that you're spending on social media" [8:07]


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S4. E82. Feeling Social Media Pressure?

Social media is a great, free tool to help grow your business. But, like most things in your business, every once in a while you need a break. Sometimes, you just feel off, or busy and posting on social media is just another added thing on your list. I want to tell you that it's okay to take a break from social media (I do it too!). Tune in to learn more.



  • We create all of this pressure ourselves [4:15]

  • If people are making you feel bad, it is okay to unfollow them! [4:34]

  • Tip #1: Know your audience [8:49]
  • Tip #2: Quality over quantity [10:01]

  • Tip #3: Be authentic when you show up [12:39]


  • "If you want to take a day off, you can. You make the...

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S4. E81. Three ways to shift when you're stuck

You hit an obstacle or roadblock in your life or business and not sure what you should do so now you feel stuck. You spend hours, days or sometimes even weeks staring at the problem and can't figure out what you should do next... sound familiar? Ya, I've been here many times. In this episode, I share three ways you can help UNstuck yourself and get back on the road to growing your business.



  • #1: You need to physically step away from what you're doing" [3:38]

  • #2: Go help someone [6:03]

  • #3: Ask for help [7:12]


  • "Every single person faces obstacles in their business" [2:08]

  • "The answers you need will find you if you allow them to come through" ...

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S4. E80. Growth Hurts

When I repeatedly hear something from my clients, that's when I know I have to record an episode on this. And I'll be honest...I have also been feeling this feeling of growth lately. You will always have this feeling of discomfort when you're learning and growing. It is the ego protecting you from something that feels foreign to you. But, how do you work through this uncomfortable feeling? Tune into today's episode to find out.



  • It's good to feel uncomfortable when it comes to growth [1:21]

  • The ego tries to protect us from change [5:12]

  • How do you get through the awkward growth phases? [7:50]
  • Try your best to just take a breath [10:15]


  • "We are...

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S4. E79. The goal is to enjoy the journey

We all experience the ups and downs in business and life, and I think especially given the current times, they can feel even more daunting. In today's episode, I talk about what to do when you start to feel yourself falling into that funk. Stay in a positive vibration and you'll start to see the rest of your life fall into place.



  • The online entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one [1:24]

  • What to do when you start to feel the self-doubt [2:48]

  • The obstacles are there to move us forward [7:22]
  • When you start to feel that negativity, find a way to shift your vibration [9:21]


  • "You have to be persistant and show up everyday to move the...

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76. How to become an online entrepreneur

I'm sure you've heard me talking about my Online Entrepreneur Launchpad 4-day Workshop by now, but just in case you haven't I wanted to let you know that it's starting today! Who exactly is this workshop for? Tune in to this quick episode to find out.


Jump into the Online Entrepreneur Launchpad 4-day Workshop here: https://www.shanarecker.com/launchpad
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S4. E73. The Power of Gratitude.

The POWER of Gratitude is really magical. If you're not using this power, or understand HOW to use it, tune into this episode as I share my personal experience using gratitude as a tool to shift things in my life.

And do you my listener... I am truly grateful for you as my listener. As always, it means the world to me that you joined in for a listen today. Thank you.

And Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all my Canadian Peeps!



  • A secret I've been meaning to share with you... [1:57]

  • What exactly does practising gratitude look like? [4:29]

  • Pay attention to why you're grateful for the things that you are [9:49]
  • The gratitude you experience today will set you up...

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S4. E60. My Interview with Jen from Entourage

I recently sat down (virtually) with my friend Jen to talk ALL things about being an entrepreneur. We cover growing your email list, Instagram growth, how to start an online course and much more. Grab a pen and piece of paper for this one... there are a lot of great tips!



  • How I got started in the entrepreneur world [3:25]

  • Knowing when to pivot in your business [10:13]

  • Some advice on starting an online course [15:31]
  • Why you need an email list [22:22]

  • Some tips on how to build your email list [24:31]

  • My tips for building a landing page [39:11]
  • Some hacks for building your Instagram following [46:57]


  • "If you're hearing that whisper to...

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