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It's time you think bigger.

Stop being satisfied with small goals that aren't giving you the life you really want.

There's a better way! 

Grab my powerful FREE GOAL-SETTING BUNDLE that includes a: Goal Setting Printable Guide, Daily Ritual and Guided Meditation! 


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Three ways we can pursue together...


The program for those who want to quantum leap their goals.

The Quantum Leap Strategy digital course is a self-paced digital course that teaches you how to have a breakthrough in your performance and achieve your BIG GOALS with LESS TIME and LESS EFFORT using this game-changing strategy.

Printable guidebook included.



The starter program for those who are ready to go after what they want.
We start May 10th

Quantum Leap Foundations will provide you with a new awareness and understanding of how to harness your personal power, push you outside of your comfort zone to get you to where you need to be in your mind and in your actions. 



An elite accountability program for those who are serious and ready to make a transformation.

This is my elite group coaching program that will shift your thinking around goal achieving. You'll learn how your thoughts create your reality and you'll learn the breakthrough quantum leap strategy that will help you achieve your goals with less time and less effort.



You want personal support,  mentorship and individual focus on your pursuit.

This is the ultimate way to pursue your dream goals. Pursuit Private clients work with Shana 1:1 weekly and get personal mindset and strategy mentorship based on your unique needs. This is the only way for you to work with me privately.


You have everything you need inside of you to make your dreams come to life.

What you're missing is someone to show you how to tap into it. I teach you how to pursue differently. This isn't about more of the same or working harder.

It's all about working smarter 🧠


Don't take my word for it...

My amazing clients speak for themselves, sharing how pursuing their goals has with me by their side changed everything.

Shirlee W - Yoga / Coach

In just our 4 weeks together I have taken a bigger leap then I could have imagined. Not having all the plans in place. I have had insight about where my fall back is and how I go to what is comfortable. To have this kind of awareness in such a short time is unbelievable. I won't be going back to what I know, but stepping into the unknown.


Amy S - Coach

Shana you have so much insight, perspective and such a positive and inspiring way of seeing and explaining things. I love how honest, open and real you are. Making a quantum leap and shifting our mindset doesn't happen overnight and being around a group of inspiring and aspiring people really has a huge impact I found in my own confidence. I've gained clarity and confidence in pursuing my desires and making the quantum leap. I felt this was exactly what I was looking for in a group and feel like I manifested it!! That you for providing the space and community to work on our mindset and pursuing our goals.

Jason R - Artist

Shana’s Pursuit Elite Mastermind program has really helped me break out of my old ways that haven’t been serving me any longer. With her help, I have set new mindset patterns and now play to win! Before I was playing not to lose and didn’t even know it. She’s a lot of fun to listen to and has given me a fresh perspective on seriously obtaining my goals. It’s been a great investment to get me to the next level.

Nice to meet you!

I’m Shana 👋 and over my time I've  come face to face with many setbacks and roadblocks. The biggest one being my own thinking.

The experience of building my own successful online coaching business has taught me so many things, the biggest one being that the only way to make your goals and desires come to life is to TAKE ACTION, bold, scary action! The path to your goal unfolds as you take the steps. It’s impossible to have it all figured out before you move.

Since that big bold first step, I’ve created a six-figure coaching business, became a Pritchett Certified You2 Coach and have helped hundreds of people get over their fears and pursue their goals and dreams!

I have a natural ability to help people understand their fears and taking the bold action. As someone who has “been there done that” I can see more clearly as to what’s really going on. By helping them overcome their own mindset blocks, map out their strategy, and feel confident about what they are creating.

There is freedom in knowing that you can create your own results through your thinking.

I'm ready to show you how
~ Shana

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