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I help you grow your dream business online. 

You need a mentor...

I've been where you are and there is no one better to learn from than someone who's done it.
Googling your way through the how-to's of starting a coaching business online.
It's confusing and overwhelming out there in Google land and frankly, you don't have time for that. Trying to piece it all those free webinars and YouTube videos together.
This is where I come in.
Through my own experience building a multi-six figure online business, as well as helping hundreds of other women build theirs, I've learned the best way to go from idea to income online.
I fast track your success by showing you the right steps to creating and growing a successful business online.
You're here so take this as your sign that it's time.
Here's how we can get started.
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Struggling to learn how to use and grow your business on Social Media? Then this course is for you. Step-by-step guidance on how to setup and use your favourite apps to build your business and brand!

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My easy-to-follow, self-paced program to build and grow your online business. Includes Social Media Growth-101. Optional upgrade to VIP Group Coaching

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 This is NEXT LEVEL support. Dream Hustle Elite is designed for existing entrepreneurs who want to scale their existing business to the next level


I've been where you are, and I'll get you to where you want to go.

I had no idea what I was doing when I got started. It wasn't until I hired a mentor that everything started to click. 6 months later I had my first 10K month.

With no formal coaching background or sales experience, I've been consistently creating six figure years by helping others build and grow their own online business.

What's your superpower? I bet we can create a business around it!

My super power is my ability to activate people into action! When you work with me you get a creative designer, a mindset coach and business strategist all wrapped into one. 

The Dream Hustle Academy, my signature program is becoming well known for helping entrepreneurs create income online. My technical proficiency and extensive hands-on experience ensure you get the guidance and understanding of how to create your own financial freedom online.

You get everything you need to ensure success, and become the online income generating machine you want to be!

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What my clients have to say...
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Jen Anderson

I had this idea in my head of wanting to start an online coaching business but really had no idea where to start. Shana has given me the confidence to build my website and create my own online program. I have went from just an idea I was toying with to paying clients (who book online yay!) in less than three months. Anytime I have a question- Shana is there with an answer. I am not the most tech-savvy girl and I know without her guidance through all of this I would still be stuck in the “idea” stage of my biz. I’m so excited for the future- I know with all of the tools and tips Shana has given me - that this is just the tip of the iceberg for my new business.

Jen Anderson
Happiness Coach

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Lindsay Martens

When I started working with Shana, I had a few ideas swirling around about what I wanted to bring to life online. It didn't take long to get concrete action going with Shana's guidance. I needed some of the tech + background support, the design help + finishing touches to really get my ideas our of my head + into the online space. I have a full one-on-one practice, I'm a mom + a partner - my life is beautifully full + I was still able to get the ideas moving forward with the right action steps. Shana brought together the greatest women that I enjoyed meeting with every week + seeing their own progress was so inspiring. I felt supported + pushed to grow through our time together.

Lindsay Martens, MD
Naturopathic Doctor

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Cat Golden

Working with Shana was like a dream come true. She truly exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be happier with my new funnel - lead magnet, site, course and workbook. This is something I've wanted to do all year and was hesitating on because of how long it would take me to get it all together. Shana did in two weeks what would have taken me moths to do. She paid attention to every detail, was super responsive in getting back with me and the design and quality of work blew my mind. Absolutely can't wait to crush this launch and elevate my business.
Thank you, Shana!

Jenn Forgie

Shana has been instrumental in helping me get my business up and running. Her Accelerator Program helped me accomplish in two days what would have taken me 6 months on my own. She brought clarity to my messaging, designed my logo, built my website and helped me create my offers. Shana empowers you to take the reins when she’s done so you’re not always dependant on her moving forward. I’m grateful for all she’s taught me.
Jenn Forgie
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Lesley Sprague

This kind, truthful and authentic woman has made me want to do the work - it just seems effortless and fun.  She is always there with a smile on her face answering my millions of questions, always there and happy to help.  She is an open book, sharing what it was like for her, lessons she’s learned and things she would do differently. She has managed to tame my squirrel mind (for the most part lol) and helped me to stay focused. Whenever I do go off on left field she brings me back to the moment and gets me to focus.  Sometimes I just message her not even expecting a response but just to help me figure out my own answer - it works every-time and she always answers.

She is always there to cheer me on when my belief in myself is low, encourage me to stay focused and reap the seeds that I am sowing and help me realize my own inner goddess when I can’t see it myself.

Without Shana I don’t think I would be as far as I am, my fears would still be holding me back from creating my dream business, I cannot thank you enough. Best investment I have made for my business hands down.

Lesley Sprague

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Carol Thomson

This group has been very life changing for me. I was so nervous to start coaching with Shana, but it was one of the best decision I’ve made! I’ve learned to journal, write down affirmations, work on my mindset and dream bigger than I have ever done! When you believe in yourself, it’s amazing what you can do. Not only has Shana helped me in my business, but also in my life. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” Thank you Shana ❤️

Carol Thomson
Carol Thomson Bookkeeping


Shaunda Moir

Shaunda was a part of my group coaching program (now my private coaching). She started her own copy writing and growth mindset coaching business during our time together. 

Shaunda Moir

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