About Shana

Shana is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who loves helping women find their unique voice and live their purpose helping others.

A little about me...

Shana Recker is an intuitive business mentor for online coaches and a quantum leap strategist.

She helps coaches quantum leap their success by helping new coaches start their business and established coaches at capacity with 1:1 clients scale their income through group programs and paid masterclasses.

Shana is the founder of the Quantum Accelerator Collective, The Client Attractor, and The Pursuit Podcast.

Shana’s experience building her own successful online coaching business has taught her that bold messy actions and the right mindset are all your need.

She learned it's impossible to have everything figured out before you get started. Making a quantum leap is about trusting and allowing what's next to unfold as you go.

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Why I Do It

These are my incredible kids. I love them to bits and I want them to know that whatever they desire in life is possible.

Everything I'm learning through being an entrepreneur, the wins and the challenges are all lessons I get to pass onto my clients and my kids. 

It's a true blessing and I'm grateful for it all.


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