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About Shana

Hi, I’m Shana and I'm here to help you pursue your dream.

Shana Recker is a business and quantum leap coach who empowers people to take action on their biggest dreams and desires. Founder of the Pursuit Elite Mastermind & The Pursuit Podcast

About Shana

Shana has come face to face with many setbacks over her years as a business and mindset coach.

Her experience building her own successful online coaching business has taught Shana that bold, scary ACTION mixed with the right mindset is the path to incredible growth and RESULTS. She learned it's impossible to have everything figured out before you get started.

Shana has helped hundreds of women believe in themselves and their abilities so that they can take action on their dreams. She is a Pritchett Certified You2 Coach and has helped hundreds of people get over their fears and pursue their goals!

She has a natural ability to help people take action and get over their fears. As someone who has “been there done that” she knows what’s really going on.

Shana helps people overcome their mindset blocks, map out their strategy, and feel confident with what they are creating.

There is freedom in knowing that you can create your own results through your thinking.

I'm ready to show you how
~ Shana

LEAP from where you are to where you want to be!

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