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About Shana

A versatile entrepreneur who helps online businesses establish a solid digital foundation for success.

About Shana.

Hi there! I'm Shana, a business consultant with a background in graphic design and expertise in Kajabi. My passion for design started at a young age, and I soon realized I could combine my artistic skills with my love for business.

As a graphic designer, I quickly became known for my unique style and ability to capture the essence of my client's brands. However, I knew that my clients needed more than beautiful visuals - they needed a solid strategy to achieve their business goals. That's why I decided to expand my skill set and become a business consultant.

With my innovative ideas and problem-solving skills, I help my clients map a comprehensive plan that takes their business to new heights. Whether designing a website, creating social media graphics, or developing a launch strategy, I've got it all covered. And with my Kajabi expertise, I help my clients easily navigate the world of online course creation, membership sites, and sales funnels.

My ability to make the journey fun and exciting for my clients sets me apart. I'm not just a designer and strategist but also a cheerleader, guiding my clients through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with my infectious energy and positive attitude.

If you're an online entrepreneur looking to uplevel your business and make it a success, I'm your consultant! With my unique blend of creativity, business acumen, and positive energy, I'll help you achieve your goals and make the journey fun and exciting.


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Why I Do It

These are my incredible kids. I love them to bits and I want them to know that whatever they desire in life is possible.

Everything I'm learning through being an entrepreneur, the wins and the challenges are all lessons I get to pass onto my clients and my kids. 

It's a true blessing and I'm grateful for it all.