S4. E68. How to CRUSH Fear & Procrastination

Everybody feels fear and procrastination when it comes to their business. These feelings of fear or resistance are actually a good thing, because it means that there is growth on the other side of that. Today we talk about the best ways to move past this fear and to stop procrastinating on your dreams.



  • Why we experience resistance when trying something new [5:06]

  • Create an awareness around why you're experiencing this resistance [7:12]

  • You have to be accountable for the things you need to change [13:12]


  • "If something feels scary, it means there is growth on the other side of that" [2:47]

  • "The more fear you feel, the more you need to pursue...

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S4. E67. Learn from THESE mistakes before creating an online course

Today, I take you through the journey that lead me to creating my first online course. Was it perfect? No. Was I scared? HELL YES! But, I pushed past that fear and did it anyways. I'm telling you, if you feel that little inkling to do something and create your first online course - you need to do it! 



  • How course creation creates a residual income for you [2:01]

  • Start by just doing a big brain dump [4:07]

  • How to recover from nobody buying your course [8:47]


  • "That negative talk didn't serve me and wasn't helping my business grow" [12:23]

  • "All of the lessons I've learned from unsuccessful courses have contributed to the successful...

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S4. E66. Can you still be successful in an oversaturated market?

Have you ever said:
"The market's oversaturated!"
"My offer isn't unique!"
"There are so many other people doing what I want to do, am I too late?"

If you've ever felt like you couldn't be successful because of any or all of these reasons, then listen up! I'm here to share why you're business will be successful despite all of that!



  • All of these feelings, I have felt before [2:43]

  • There is no shortage of clients available in the online space [5:02]


  • "Just because others have found success, doesn't mean you can't also be successful" [3:17]

  • "You are the only person that can deliver what you want to deliver to the world" [3:31]

  • "The universe...
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S4. E65. Mastering Social Media Engagement

Social media is such a great, mostly free way to advertise who you are and what it is that you can offer others. But, if nobody's seeing your posts, it won't be nearly as effective as it could be. In today's episode, I give you my 8 best tips for how to maximize the use of your social media channels and get the results you're looking for!



  • Get clear on who you are, and who your business helps [2:31]

  • Be consistently showing up on social media [3:53]

  • Setting yourself to have engagement on your posts [5:48]
  • How to choose the right hashtags [7:42]

  • Make sure you reply to every comment [10:40]
  • Choosing the right time to post [12:07]

  • Video is the way of the...
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S4. E64. It's the way of the future! Shopify with Sarah Jansel

Sarah Jansel is a lover of all things e-commerce. She is both the owner of Sadi & Sari, an online women’s fashion boutique based in London, Ontario, and an online store coach using Shopify. After starting her boutique business, Sarah sought out as much information as she could on how to set one up, run it and make it profitable. She then took this passion to a new level where she is now using that knowledge to help others get their product or store online as well. Sarah’s background has mainly been in the business world, having worked in for Fortune 500 companies across Canada, and is still employed as a leader in Operations and HR at a local tech company. Sarah is...

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S4. E63. Lessons from a Pandemic.

Hard to believe it's been 7 months since the schools shut down and the world changed forever. In this episode, I share what COVID life has taught me and how I see the future for business now that we're in this new time and space.



  • Being more patient and going with the flow [3:13]

  • We need to make our health a priority [6:32]

  • I'm grateful for the adaptability working online has given me [9:38]


  • "Never take time with family and friends for granted" [1:34]

  • "The universe knows what it's doing" [5:00]
  • "I've learned that having a business that you can run online is a great way to protect your security and income" [11:26]


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S4. E61. How losing it all made all the difference

In today's episode I share some personal stories with you guys. I look back on the ups and downs that I've experienced financially and look at how those experiences have shaped my mindset around money today. Hopefully you can take some of the mistakes I've made and learn from them. Listen to today's episode to learn more about how losing everything changed my life.



  • A little bit about my financial ups and downs [1:12]

  • I was making money because I wanted more things [4:39]

  • The driving force for me is showing up to serve others [13:10]
  • I needed to go through all that to get to where I am today [15:08]


  • "The money and the things were never what...

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S4. E60. My Interview with Jen from Entourage

I recently sat down (virtually) with my friend Jen to talk ALL things about being an entrepreneur. We cover growing your email list, Instagram growth, how to start an online course and much more. Grab a pen and piece of paper for this one... there are a lot of great tips!



  • How I got started in the entrepreneur world [3:25]

  • Knowing when to pivot in your business [10:13]

  • Some advice on starting an online course [15:31]
  • Why you need an email list [22:22]

  • Some tips on how to build your email list [24:31]

  • My tips for building a landing page [39:11]
  • Some hacks for building your Instagram following [46:57]


  • "If you're hearing that whisper to...

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S4. E59. A useful tool to help you ditch limiting beliefs

Everyone has childhood experiences that shape their beliefs today. In today's episode, I talk about my own limiting beliefs surrounding money and how to shift your mindset and change the outcome. Tune in to today's episode to learn more.



  • How I changed my money mindset [1:35]

  • Everyone has childhood traumas that they have to work through [5:31]

  • Catch the limiting belief when it's happening [6:09]


  • "Write the belief out, but with a different ending" [4:31]


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58. Why you need to kick-start your email list TODAY!

We can all agree that 2020 has been a crazy year and we can never really know what to expect next. Although we may think that Instagram on Facebook will be around forever, the reality is that they may not. And if they were to go down, we would all lose all of the contacts that we had on these social media platforms.

In today's episode, I talk about how important it is that you have an email list, how to grow this list and how to make sure your providing these contacts with value.



  • You don't actually own your followers on social media [1:23]

  • It's important to move your social media followers to your email list [4:38]

  • Creating valuable content that your ideal...
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