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S4. E81. Three ways to shift when you're stuck

building your business business coach entrepreneur entrepreneur life podcast Nov 13, 2020

You hit an obstacle or roadblock in your life or business and not sure what you should do so now you feel stuck. You spend hours, days or sometimes even weeks staring at the problem and can't figure out what you should do next... sound familiar? Ya, I've been here many times. In this episode, I share three ways you can help UNstuck yourself and get back on the road to growing your business.



  • #1: You need to physically step away from what you're doing" [3:38]

  • #2: Go help someone [6:03]

  • #3: Ask for help [7:12]


  • "Every single person faces obstacles in their business" [2:08]

  • "The answers you need will find you if you allow them to come through" [5:43]

  • "Every obstacle carries with it a seed of opportunity" [9:50]


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