S4. E42. Dean Graziosi & I talk about building Dream Hustles online

Today, I sit down with Dean Graziosi to discuss all things on starting your online business, investing in personal development and Dean's advice for those who are just starting out in the online space. Dean is a multiple New York Times best selling author, entrepreneur, and investor. He has started or has been involved in 13+ companies that have resulted in over 1 billion dollars in revenue.

For over 20 years Dean has been dedicated to delivering self-education to those seeking transformation and success outside the normal path of traditional education. Recently, he and Tony Robbins launched the Knowledge Business Blueprint, with the goal of making self-education viable for millions. It...

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S4. E41. The only way you're actually going to learn something

You can read all the books, you can sign up for all the courses but unless you're doing this one thing, you aren't learning a darn thing. Oh and this is also where are the fun and fulfillment lives!



  • You learn from books when you implement something from it into your life [1:57]

  • All of those moments you're unsure of now, are a huge part of your journey [7:34]


  • "The only way you'll learn to conquer your fears, is by facing them" [4:01]
  • "The joy comes from pushing through the fear" [5:57]


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S4. E35. Phase 2: Connection - Inside the Dream Hustle Academy

In today's episode, we cover step number two, which is creating a connection with your target audience and how to build content that serves thieir needs. I give you four tips for how to get inside your ideal client's head and find out how to build content that they're looking for!



  • What is covered in this pillar [3:02]

  • Tip #1: Find the Facebook groups that these clients are joining [6:31]

  • Tip #2: Google for content ideas [8:52]
  • Tip #3: How to find resources on Amazon [10:11]

  • Tip #4: Don't be afraid to go talk to people [11:27]


  • "What kind of questions can you ask that is going to generate content that will reach your ideal client" [12:31]
  • ...

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S4. E34. Phase 1: Clarity - Inside the Dream Hustle Academy

The Dream Hustle Academy was built with you in mind, the female entrepreneur who's ready to truly create a life you love helping others with your unique talents and expertise.

This program was carefully crafted to crush confusion by laying out simple to follow steps for you to follow one week at a time.

In today's episode, we cover step number one, which is becoming clear on who your audience is and what it is that your business provides. Once you become clear on who your ideal client is, you can start to become clear on what it is that you need to create, and how you can get it to your target audience.



  • What we cover in lesson one [3:25]

  • Our ideal client is...

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S4. E32. The key to making your business a success is this...

If you're just getting started in building your online business, if you don't have what I share in this episode day locked down, I hate to tell you but your business won't be successful. You'll quit at the first major roadblock that comes your way. And trust me, they are coming. So if you're serious about your business goals... listen up.



  • What keeps you going when you're struggling? [2:26]

  • We have been given the gift of time to work on our desires [6:45]

  • The commitment to the action is where you will find the success [10:45]
  • What can you do today to help make your desire come to life? [13:59]

  • Ask yourself this question everyday... [16:35]


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S4. E24. Getting Started Steps to Creating an Online Business

Starting an online business can be a daunting task, but in today's episode, I break it down in a step-by-step guide, to help you know where to begin. 



  • Why not take this time to try and create something new [2:31]

  • Things won't necessarily change overnight in your business [5:40]

  • Step 1: Get clear on who you are and who your audience is [6:51]
  • Step 2: What is it the best way to serve your audience? [9:06]

  • Step 3: Where are you going to set up your business? [11:36]
  • Step 4: Start showing up [12:48]

  • Step 5: Why do people need your product? [15:13]


  • "When you take just one step, the other steps start to become clear" [8:48]
  • "Our...

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157. The excuses that stop us from taking action on our dreams!

In this episode, I debunk the excuses we tell ourselves why we "can't" do the THING.

I see you, I know how bad you want this dream and I know your feeling fearful... Read these words TWICE: You wouldn't be getting the idea if you weren't capable of carrying it out. So it's time to pull up your big girl pants and get moving! Let's talk about it in today's episode.



  • #1: Lack of time [4:41]

  • #2: Lack of money [8:14]

  • The amount of free resources are endless! [10:12]
  • #3: Lack of skills [12:25]

  • #4: Those scary "what-if's" [14:58]


  • "If you have something in your heart and you want it bad enough, you will make the time for it" [5:33]
  • "You have to...

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153. My rant on why there are no excuses to starting your dream hustle

Ok, so I do go on a bit here but for good reason. I truly believe that ANYONE can start and build an online business easily with the right help. Whether you've got a budget or not, there are ways to figure it all out. When you do take action and start to try, the best thing ever is you LEARN and GROW. I rant all about this today. ;) Enjoy! 



  • Hiring someone to help you can actually save you time and money in the long run! [6:04]

  • If you don't take action on your dreams, it will eat you alive! [11:19]

  • There had never been a better time to start a business! [15:39]


  • "Everything you need to know about building an online business is...
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152. One thing you need before you start building your business

Hey hey hey! Today I chat about CLARITY around your business before you start building out all the things. I talk about why this is important and how I can help you get the clarity you need starting TODAY!



  • You need to have clarity around 4 areas in your business [2:06]

  • Area 1: Clarity on who you are [2:19]

  • Area 2: Who is your ideal client? [5:20]

  • Area 3:Why do you help them? [5:27] 

  • Area 4: How do you help these people? [8:56]


  • "When I think about my ideal client...it's me 4 years ago" [7:17]


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My Lessons and Wins from 2019.

Hello Hello Happy New Year!! I'm back and with a whole new look and feel for the Dream Hustle Podcast! We kick things off with a look back over the year 2020 and share what were my top 3 lessons and top 3 wins from the past year!




  • The Dream Hustle Podcast has reached a milestone! [4:07]

  • The importance of making goals and writing them down [8:01]

  • Stop worrying about every single thing! [10:40]

  • Your business is important - but so is your time off! [13:52] 

  • Programs can be SUPER beneficial, but you have to choose the right one! [21:41]
  • What programs did I find most valuable in 2019?

  • I work with you 1:1 in my new Accelerator program!...

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