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18. RANT: Not all coaches are scammers!

Apr 02, 2023
Shana Recker, Graphic Designer & Kajabi Expert
18. RANT: Not all coaches are scammers!

A Sunday morning rant about some of these ethics accounts, and how they call out coaches has me fired up! 

As you know, I am all about being ethical in my business and learning about how to be better as a coach. But as I am doing my own research, I am noticing that SOME of the ones who are educating on BS marketing practices in the Coaching industry are shaming and being downright MEAN in their content. 

This is my point of view as a Coach who is learning about ethics, seeing where I have gone wrong in the past, and making the necessary changes but also won't be BULLIED and made to feel SHAME because of the mistakes I've made. 

I'm so fired up about this that I can't wait for hair and makeup!  

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