The PURSUIT Podcast

S4. E91. Lessons learned in 2020 with Jason Recker

building your business business coach business growth dave conway entrepreneur growth mindset jason recker podcast quantum leaps Dec 24, 2020

In this episode, my husband Jason Recker joins me to talk about the lessons we learned over 2020. How we are handling the pandemic and lockdowns, what we doubled down on, how we've changed and what we're focusing on for 2021.

There are a TON of gold nuggets in this episode you won't want to miss!



  • Talking about your goals with your partner [1:06]

  • How Jason made the decision to take a chance on his art [4:04]

  • All it takes sometimes is taking the first step [7:33]
  • How Jason's mindset was changed in 2020 [9:13]

  • You can truly have whatever you want in this lifetime [22:10]

  • How the pandemic impacted our businesses [26:48]
  • Every bad situation has a positive outcome within it [29:02]

  • How 2020 has set me up for success in 2021 [34:14]

  • Why your ego doesn't want you to be confident [41:20]


  • "Thinking about the million-dollar version of yourself really changes how you operate" [14:23]

  • "If I want more in my life, I have to figure out new things" [15:28]
  • "We have the ability to choose who we become" [17:46]



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