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S5. E181. Making Quantum Moves in Your Life

achieving your goal aiming point building your business business growth Jun 08, 2022
Shana Recker | Intuitive Business Coach
S5. E181. Making Quantum Moves in Your Life

Welcome to the Pursuit Podcast! The podcast that helps online coaches and entrepreneurs quantum leap their business! I am your host Shana Recker and I'm here to share the stories, the strategies, and the mindset through my own personal journey in my online business as well as the incredible guests that I bring on the show. We keep things super real here and we share whatever we need to help you move your business forward!

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Inside this episode, I share my thoughts on how to make QUANTUM MOVES in your life and your business. I'm sharing things that ACTUALLY MOVE THE NEEDLE for you.

I give you just a touch on this subject in this episode - if you want the full training on what really makes QUANTUM MOVES join my free June Masterclass


To take a look at my husband's quantum shift to an artist, check him out here --> @jasonrecker_art



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