S5. E166. 21 Things 2021 Has Taught Me - PART 1

achieving your goal building your business new year podcast quantum leap Dec 20, 2021

Welcome to part 1 of this 3 part series! 

Although 2021 definitely had it's challenges, it also had a lot of lessons. In today's episode I go through some of the things that 2021 has taught me, and how I will use these lessons as we head into 2022. I hope you have a great Holiday season! 



  • Your deep, subconscious thoughts are what create your results [2:52]

  • The answers are found in the actions tha we take [5:48]

  • There are no mistakes, just feedback that you can grow from [8:44]

  • Your instincts are your best guide [10:46]

  • Stop comparing yourself to others [14:20]
  • Nothing will be as scary as you're making it in your head [17:34]
  • It is essential to go with the flow [20:03] 



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