S4. E89. A Must Listen! The Power of "I AM..."

Today's episode is a MUST LISTEN! The number one way that will get you to where you want to be is to change your mindset. If you were able to achieve your goals by being the current version of yourself, you'd have done it already. It takes a serious mindset shift to stop with the negative self-talk and start stepping into your dream self.



  • A little about the Dream Hustle Academy [1:24]

  • It's important to recognize how we feel about ourselves [4:16]

  • What you say after "I am..." impacts your beliefs [8:20]
  • Create an awareness around your "I am..." [9:09]

  • Course Correct when you hear that negative self-talk [10:16]

  • What you believe about yourself becomes your...
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S4. E78. Do you have faith you'll figure it out or fall on your face?

I was once told that there are only two options when you start a business. You either have faith that it's going to work out, or you have faith that it's not. Until you make the decision take that leap of faith, you will keep thinking about it. My advice to you is to take the leap of faith, listen to that little voice and have faith that it will work out.



  • Whether you think it will work or not, you have faith [5:32]

  • You have the ability to figure everything in your business out [8:00]


  • "Anytime you're wanting to try something new, there's going to be fear" [4:43]

  • "What we think about today will create our tomorrow" [6:06]

  • "The things...
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S4. E77. 5 Things I wish I knew when starting my business

Today I am breaking it down for you... I am giving you those FIVE business tips that I wish I had when I was just starting out. I really break it down for you in today's episode - from selling your course BEFORE you create it to the importance of showing up authentically in your business. If you're looking for the keys to success... look no further.



  • #1: You'll find success faster if you just be yourself [2:43]

  • #2: Sell your offers BEFORE you create them [5:29]

  • #3: Never be afraid to invest in yourself [8:19]
  • #4: Invest in coaches that give you time with them [11:20]

  • #5: Don't wait for the perfect time to start...just do it! [14:46]


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S4. E21. Kareen Walsh, How to break down your $1,000,000.00 goal.

I'm back to bringing you some amazing friends who totally align with the dream hustle audience and this first conversation is a great example of that. Kareen Walsh is a business strategist, she's my business strategist and today we talk about how Kareen got her business started, as well she shares her strategies to help you break out your goals and create the roadmap!



  • How Kareen got started in entrepreneurship [3:16]

  • You can plan to make the move before you actually make the move [10:41]

  • Finding out what your zone of genius is will lead to results [14:51]
  • A little about my own journey through entrepreneurship [17:25]

  • How are you going to apply what you've...

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