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S5. E161. Figuring out what to do with your life with Steph Horwitz

career change entrepreneur online business coach personal development podcast quantum leap Nov 05, 2021

Steph Horwitz is the Creator and Host of “What Should I Do With My Life?” and leads Global Value Creation at SAP.iO Foundries.

Steph is a connector with a love for schmoozing who is trying to figure it out. Steph uses her (generally) loud voice to normalize the reality that none of us know what we are doing, and builds camaraderie around life’s uncertainties with vulnerability. She helps tell the unique stories of others in order to share transparent insights, all while working to crush the debilitating self-doubt that consumes us all, complete with a side of humor



  • A little bit about Stephanie's background [2:12]

  • You don't have to have everything figured out to get started [8:28]

  • What helped Stephanie find her own voice? [14:34]

  • People are attracted to authenticity [18:20]

  • Why it is so important to tell your story [20:59]


  • "We need to normalize people still figuring it all out" [19:52]


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