S5. E99. Your Limitations Are Your Opportunities

business growth entrepreneur growth mindset personal development podcast quantum leaps Jan 28, 2021

We tend to think of our limitations as barriers between us and our goal. But, what if I told you that your limitations are actually there to serve you? Having to overcome obstacles will help you think in new and creative ways. Let me say it again... "Your limitations are there to serve you." If your desire is strong enough, you will push through any kind of limitations. 



  • Your ego wants you to play small [2:11]

  • A lack of resources actually causes us to think creatively [4:17]

  • Use your limitations to find new ways to achieve your goals [10:25]


  • "Our limitations are actually here to serve us" [2:24]

  • "The limitations were my excuse to let the fear win" [3:37]
  • "When your desire is strong enough, you'll push through the limitations" [5:25]