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S5. E169. I missed my financial goal but it was worth it

achieving your goals growth mindset mindset personal development podcast quantum leap Jan 10, 2022

It's time to get real with you all... I didn't hit my goals for 2021. And it's okay! What I learned this year was so pivotal in me hitting my future goals. In today's episode I go through what I've learned in 2021 that will help me (and you!) achieve any future goals you may have set out for yourself. Grab a pen and paper and tune into today's episode. 



  • What I did in 2021 to help me reach that million dollar mark [3:18]

  • Things may feel great in the moment, but they don't actually do anything for you [5:40]

  • "You will only receive what you allow" [6:31]

  • Do you know who you are as a millionaire? [8:09]

  • Sometimes you need to take a step back and re-evaluate [15:22]
  • You have to become aware of why you feel a certain way before you can change it [18:10]


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