S4. E78. Do you have faith you'll figure it out or fall on your face?

business coach entrepreneur personal development podcast starting a business Oct 26, 2020

I was once told that there are only two options when you start a business. You either have faith that it's going to work out, or you have faith that it's not. Until you make the decision take that leap of faith, you will keep thinking about it. My advice to you is to take the leap of faith, listen to that little voice and have faith that it will work out.



  • Whether you think it will work or not, you have faith [5:32]

  • You have the ability to figure everything in your business out [8:00]


  • "Anytime you're wanting to try something new, there's going to be fear" [4:43]

  • "What we think about today will create our tomorrow" [6:06]

  • "The things that don't work out lead us to the thing that will" [8:32]