S5. E157. Build Know, Like and Trust in YOURSELF FIRST

biz tips business coach entrepreneur growth mindset online business personal development podcast quantum leap Oct 07, 2021

By now we know how important it is to build know, like and trust with your ideal customer.  As I move deeper into my own journey, I've realized how important it is to build the know, like and trust within yourself as well. If you can't know, like and trust yourself, how can you expect someone else to? Tune into today's episode.



  • It's okay to emulate others if it helps you get started [3:43]

  • Do you know who you are without the outside influences? [5:42]

  • Do you genuinely like yourself? [10:08]

  • How can you expect other people to trust you if you don't trust yourself? [13:25]


  • "To have know, like and trust in our brand, we have to know, like and trust ourselves first" [1:56]

  • "There is a magic that happens when you let go and let your true self shine"

  • "This planet doesn't need copies of the same person... we need uniqueness" [9:29]

  • "You either have faith that things are going to work out, or faith that they're not" [15:40]




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