S4. E77. 5 Things I wish I knew when starting my business

business coach business growth entrepreneur growth mindset personal development podcast starting a business Oct 22, 2020

Today I am breaking it down for you... I am giving you those FIVE business tips that I wish I had when I was just starting out. I really break it down for you in today's episode - from selling your course BEFORE you create it to the importance of showing up authentically in your business. If you're looking for the keys to success... look no further.



  • #1: You'll find success faster if you just be yourself [2:43]

  • #2: Sell your offers BEFORE you create them [5:29]

  • #3: Never be afraid to invest in yourself [8:19]
  • #4: Invest in coaches that give you time with them [11:20]

  • #5: Don't wait for the perfect time to start...just do it! [14:46]