S4. E89. A Must Listen! The Power of "I AM..."

accidental entrepreneur growth mindset mindset matters mindset shift personal development podcast Dec 09, 2020

Today's episode is a MUST LISTEN! The number one way that will get you to where you want to be is to change your mindset. If you were able to achieve your goals by being the current version of yourself, you'd have done it already. It takes a serious mindset shift to stop with the negative self-talk and start stepping into your dream self.



  • A little about the Dream Hustle Academy [1:24]

  • It's important to recognize how we feel about ourselves [4:16]

  • What you say after "I am..." impacts your beliefs [8:20]
  • Create an awareness around your "I am..." [9:09]

  • Course Correct when you hear that negative self-talk [10:16]

  • What you believe about yourself becomes your reality [12:13]


  • "If you were currently the person who could achieve your goals, you'd have done it already" [3:38]

  • "Your subconscious mind is always listening" [5:41]