S4. E38. Phase 5: Raving Fans - Inside the Dream Hustle Academy

Today's episode covers how to keep your relationships with your clients growing long after that first transaction. The most important thing is to be authentic! Share those struggles, because that's what people relate to the most. Listen up for more info on building those relationships and about the DHA.

The Dream Hustle Academy was built with you in mind, the female entrepreneur who's ready to truly create a life you love helping others with your unique talents and expertise.

This program was carefully crafted to crush confusion by laying out simple to follow steps for you to follow one week at a time.



  • How to keep relationships growing with your clients [1:47]

  • You need to have a balance because that's what being human is [5:33]

  • An overview of the Dream Hustle Academy [6:41]


  • "You need to treat people like your equal, because we are all human" [2:19]
  • "People are attracted to the struggles and the things that make you human" [4:22]


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S4. E31. Letting go of old beliefs that hold you back.

In this episode, I share a past childhood experience that I've connected to a limiting belief I have about myself. It wasn't until I recently did a deep 45-minute meditation that led me to the vision of letting go of this belief. It brought powerful visions that freed me up to living my full purpose. Ugly crying and everything. If you can relate or just want to hear what happens, click play.



  • The impact childhood has on our current subconscious [2:06]

  • I finally gave myself permission to let go of what was holding me back [10:17]

  • This meditation allowed me to see my purpose more clearly [14:55]
  • How can I help you achieve your life's purpose? [16:26]


  • "The key to changing aspects of your life is awareness" [6:09]
  • "You speaking your truth is helping all of these people find their purpose" [12:31]

  • "I don't take the act of helping people find their truths lightly" [19:35]

  • "There is so much good that comes from just showing up and...
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S4. E27. Creating Quantum Leaps in your Life and Business.

Have you read the book YOU2 by Price Pritchett, Ph.D.? OMG if you haven't you need to get it RIGHT AWAY! I'll even get you the link: https://www.pritchettnet.com/product/you2

This book will change your life if you let it. I share how what Price teaches in the 35 pages (you can read this book in 30 minutes) of this book has impacted me and how it can impact you if you give creating your own quantum leap a chance!

Oh, and I mentioned my free upcoming 4C FORMULA Masterclass, how to create a 10K month in 90 Days... you can register here: https://www.shanarecker.com/4c-webinar-page 

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