S5. E118. The Magic Word that Changes Everything

business coach entrepreneur goal setting growth mindset mindset coach podcast quantum leap Apr 08, 2021

Today we're talking about the word that changes everything.... your attitude! Negative things are going to happen - that's inevitable. However, it's the way we react to these situations that really matters. Tune into today's episode for tips on making a good attitude a habit and how to get yourself out of a funk.



  • A little about the workshop I'm hosting tomorrow night [1:51]

  • What does "attitude" actually mean? [4:45]

  • We always have complete control over how we react to our circumstances [6:07]
  • Do you have a habit of having a bad attitude? [7:52]

  • How do you get out of a funk? [10:29]


  • "The attitude you put out into the world becomes a magnet" [8:32]

  • "Your world is a mirror of your attitude" [12:53]