S4. E68. How to CRUSH Fear & Procrastination

Everybody feels fear and procrastination when it comes to their business. These feelings of fear or resistance are actually a good thing, because it means that there is growth on the other side of that. Today we talk about the best ways to move past this fear and to stop procrastinating on your dreams.



  • Why we experience resistance when trying something new [5:06]

  • Create an awareness around why you're experiencing this resistance [7:12]

  • You have to be accountable for the things you need to change [13:12]


  • "If something feels scary, it means there is growth on the other side of that" [2:47]

  • "The more fear you feel, the more you need to pursue...

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S4. E30. How to feel empowered by technology with Paige Battcher

When I first met Paige on LinkedIn, we immediately started geeking out over our favourite software. Paige founded Kismit Ideas, a web design and marketing agency at 27 and is an advocate for how our mindset is the most important factor in living the life we wish to design.

Paige wants you to feel empowered by the technology required in your business, instead of feeling overwhelmed and as though you're not 'tech-savvy' enough. She knows the importance behind having a tribe of people for support and has been coaching entrepreneurs on how to use different software platforms to accelerate their own business.



  • How Paige moved from employee to entrepreneur [3:03]

  • ...
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157. The excuses that stop us from taking action on our dreams!

In this episode, I debunk the excuses we tell ourselves why we "can't" do the THING.

I see you, I know how bad you want this dream and I know your feeling fearful... Read these words TWICE: You wouldn't be getting the idea if you weren't capable of carrying it out. So it's time to pull up your big girl pants and get moving! Let's talk about it in today's episode.



  • #1: Lack of time [4:41]

  • #2: Lack of money [8:14]

  • The amount of free resources are endless! [10:12]
  • #3: Lack of skills [12:25]

  • #4: Those scary "what-if's" [14:58]


  • "If you have something in your heart and you want it bad enough, you will make the time for it" [5:33]
  • "You have to...

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