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S4. E73. The Power of Gratitude.

accidental entrepreneur content creation entrepreneur entrepreneur life gratitude podcast Oct 12, 2020

The POWER of Gratitude is really magical. If you're not using this power, or understand HOW to use it, tune into this episode as I share my personal experience using gratitude as a tool to shift things in my life.

And do you my listener... I am truly grateful for you as my listener. As always, it means the world to me that you joined in for a listen today. Thank you.

And Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all my Canadian Peeps!



  • A secret I've been meaning to share with you... [1:57]

  • What exactly does practising gratitude look like? [4:29]

  • Pay attention to why you're grateful for the things that you are [9:49]
  • The gratitude you experience today will set you up for your future [15:55]


  • "You shouldn't wait to experience gratitude, you should work it into your routine" [5:42]

  • "Even when it may not seem like it, there are always things to be grateful for" [6:30]

  • "You can't feel bad and feel grateful at the same time" [11:02]


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