S4. E75. The Rock's fugly photo and what it has to do with your business!

Have you seen the latest Instagram post from The Rock? It's a picture of him as a child and let me tell you... you would've never expected he would be one of today's biggest stars. But, he believed in himself, and he believed he would crush those dreams one day. This is PROOF that you never know what the future brings, but if you work hard and believe in yourself, you can achieve whatever you want!



  • Have you seen The Rock's latest Instagram post? [2:15]

  • Are you willing to put yourself out there regardless of what other people think? [8:45]

  • Even though there are dips, I am on an upwards trajectory [11:52]


  • "When you're starting something new, there's always going to be the fugly stage" [4:23]

  • "You have to be willing to go through the ugly stages to reach your goal" [5:08]


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S4. E74. The sheet of paper that started it all!

If you struggle with the confidence to get started, this episode is for you.

Over the weekend I cleaned out my office and found the sheet of paper that changed everything for us. I thought I had lost it and was super happy when I found it!



  • A little about what pushed me to take that leap of faith [3:02]

  • Seeing the support from my spouse was SO important for me [6:11]

  • Why it's important to share this message [13:30]


  • "My excuses were just voices in my head that were trying to hold me back" [7:33]

  • "You can turn what you know into an online business" [10:07]

  • "Even though I didn't really know what I was doing, I took action and did it anyways" [11:54]


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S4. E73. The Power of Gratitude.

The POWER of Gratitude is really magical. If you're not using this power, or understand HOW to use it, tune into this episode as I share my personal experience using gratitude as a tool to shift things in my life.

And do you my listener... I am truly grateful for you as my listener. As always, it means the world to me that you joined in for a listen today. Thank you.

And Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all my Canadian Peeps!



  • A secret I've been meaning to share with you... [1:57]

  • What exactly does practising gratitude look like? [4:29]

  • Pay attention to why you're grateful for the things that you are [9:49]
  • The gratitude you experience today will set you up for your future [15:55]


  • "You shouldn't wait to experience gratitude, you should work it into your routine" [5:42]

  • "Even when it may not seem like it, there are always things to be grateful for" [6:30]

  • "You can't feel bad and feel grateful at the same time" [11:02]


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70. Improve your health & improve your life with Michelle Wolfe

0In today's episode, I sit down with my friend and health expert, Michelle Wolfe, to discuss why health and business go hand in hand. It is so important to take care of YOU first, and if we don't have our health, what do we have, really? Tune into today's episode to learn more.

Michelle grew up in a home where working hard and eating "pretty healthy" was considered enough, however after losing her mom, she found that she was gaining weight, suffering from constant stomach pain and often feeling lethargic. 

After years of experimenting with her diet and fitness, she finally has a balance of feeling in control of her diet and overall health while continuing to learn and grow. Michelle's energy levels allow her to keep up to her 8 nieces and nephews, and she no longer has those constant stomach pains.  

Through Michelle's journey, she often thinks, “if I knew then, what I know now about health and wellness, I would have been able to guide my mom and help her beat that...

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S4. E61. How losing it all made all the difference

In today's episode I share some personal stories with you guys. I look back on the ups and downs that I've experienced financially and look at how those experiences have shaped my mindset around money today. Hopefully you can take some of the mistakes I've made and learn from them. Listen to today's episode to learn more about how losing everything changed my life.



  • A little bit about my financial ups and downs [1:12]

  • I was making money because I wanted more things [4:39]

  • The driving force for me is showing up to serve others [13:10]
  • I needed to go through all that to get to where I am today [15:08]


  • "The money and the things were never what was important" [8:45]

  • "Success is 95% mindset, 5% strategy" [10:48]
  • "Fulfillment will not come from the money you earn" [16:45]


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S4. E19. You're content doesn't have to be original

In this episode, I share some wisdom from the road as I travel down the 401!

So you're stuck because you think to create that online course or coaching program the content you share has to be OG... Orginal. NOT TRUE.  Hardly anyone's content is original. I share my thoughts on this in today's episode!



  • Every piece of content has been taught before by someone else [4:30]

  • Having the experience of going through something yourself will really sell it to your audience [5:53]


  • "You can teach anything that someone's taught you" [4:03]
  • "If you've had that struggle, chances are other people have had that struggle too" [8:20]


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