S4. E73. The Power of Gratitude.

The POWER of Gratitude is really magical. If you're not using this power, or understand HOW to use it, tune into this episode as I share my personal experience using gratitude as a tool to shift things in my life.

And do you my listener... I am truly grateful for you as my listener. As always, it means the world to me that you joined in for a listen today. Thank you.

And Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all my Canadian Peeps!



  • A secret I've been meaning to share with you... [1:57]

  • What exactly does practising gratitude look like? [4:29]

  • Pay attention to why you're grateful for the things that you are [9:49]
  • The gratitude you experience today will set you up for your future [15:55]


  • "You shouldn't wait to experience gratitude, you should work it into your routine" [5:42]

  • "Even when it may not seem like it, there are always things to be grateful for" [6:30]

  • "You can't feel bad and feel grateful at the same time" [11:02]


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