S4. E31. Letting go of old beliefs that hold you back.

business coach entrepreneur mindset matters podcast Apr 24, 2020

In this episode, I share a past childhood experience that I've connected to a limiting belief I have about myself. It wasn't until I recently did a deep 45-minute meditation that led me to the vision of letting go of this belief. It brought powerful visions that freed me up to living my full purpose. Ugly crying and everything. If you can relate or just want to hear what happens, click play.



  • The impact childhood has on our current subconscious [2:06]

  • I finally gave myself permission to let go of what was holding me back [10:17]

  • This meditation allowed me to see my purpose more clearly [14:55]
  • How can I help you achieve your life's purpose? [16:26]


  • "The key to changing aspects of your life is awareness" [6:09]
  • "You speaking your truth is helping all of these people find their purpose" [12:31]

  • "I don't take the act of helping people find their truths lightly" [19:35]

  • "There is so much good that comes from just showing up and sharing" [21:44]