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If you're struggling to grow your following, have major fears when it comes to hitting the GO LIVE button on social media or are just ready to level up your current business... 

Consider starting a podcast.

Podcasts are an easy and effective way to connect with more people and grow your network, find your ideal clients faster and even leverage other networks through guest interviews.

Did you know:

80% of podcast listeners listen to an entire podcast episode? 

94% of podcast listeners are active on social media 

Podcast listeners tend to have higher education and higher income levels

What does this mean for you? 

Your messages are more likely to be heard all the way through by a whole new network of people who will most likely follow you on social media and are more apt to purchase your programs and products. #smartbusiness

Podcast Stats: 


The Build Your Podcast Blueprint:


With the Blueprint you'll get clear on how to create a podcast that connects to your ideal listener and how you will help them through your content. Creating a valuable resource for ideal clients to subscribe to.


You will get recommendations for the best tech to create your podcast, including how to create a cover design, where to get music, intro/outro messaging, creating your episodes PLUS hardware and software recommendations.

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Includes lessons on how to create endless valuable content that connects with your audience so you never run out of ideas for your show.  Plus how to create your show notes and prepare for interviews.

Video tutorial guiding you step-by-step

> Your Podcast Show
> Your Ideal Listener
> DIY Podcast Cover Design
> Hosting Your Podcast
> Podcast Bumpers
> Music Overlays
> Podcasting Accessories
> Creating Content
> Preparing Episodes
> Launching your Podcast

> Podcast Show Notes

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Client Testimonial
"I had been considering starting a Podcast for well over a year now, but was totally overwhelmed with where to start, much less what content to include. The Podcast course that Shana Recker provides is not only super simple to follow, will give you the steps you need to get things off the ground - but it's full of inspiration and ideas too! I binged my way through it and cannot wait to launch my first Podcast episode in less than 2 weeks!"
— Lori Ervin, Level Up with Lori

About the Course Creator

Hey you, Shana here.

I’m an online business coach and consultant that supports women ready to turn their passion into an income online. I love helping people live more freely and in control of their income through their own online business and brand.

I personally started my own podcast in 2017 and have since grown it to over 100,000 downloads, 500+ unique listeners and today, I'm finding more and more people are finding me through my podcast Pursuit Podcast with Shana Recker. It's been a fun way to connect with my new people!

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