S5. E94. [Pt.3] How to Make a Quantum Leap in 2021

business coach entrepreneur goal crushing goal setting podcast quantum leap visualization Jan 11, 2021

I've been practicing mindfulness for a while now and I know that it's one of the contributing factors that has really taken my business to the next level. In today's episode we talk about how to properly visualize your goals and knowing when to take action when you get those great ideas. 



  • What is the subconscious mind? [2:37]

  • You need some time between thinking of the goal and getting the result [4:21]

  • Visualizing yourself with your goal achieved [5:47]
  • How to properly visualize your goals [8:17]

  • An exciting update about my business! [18:40]


  • "80% of super-achievers have some form of daily mindfulness practice"[9:50]

  • "Bust through the fear and take action on the ideas that come up" [16:40]