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S5. E168. 21 Things 2021 Has Taught Me - PART 3

business coach goal setting new year podcast quantum leap Dec 27, 2021

Although 2021 definitely had its challenges, it also had a lot of lessons. In today's episode, I go through some of the things that 2021 has taught me, and how I will use these lessons as we head into 2022. I hope you have a great Holiday season!



  • Taking a step back allowed me to see my purpose [2:23]

  • What I learned from doing Shadow Work [4:42]

  • Jealousy and envy will keep your dreams out of reach [6:47]

  • I make the rules in my life... nobody else [8:39]

  • Your vulnerability is actually your strength [10:26]
  • There are more important things in the world than stuff [11:47]
  • Authenticity is absolutely everything [13:22] 


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