S5. E144. Quantum Leaping with Britt Baltazar

britt baltazar business coach entrepreneur goal setting podcast quantum leap Aug 19, 2021

I recently sat down with Britt Baltazar, host of the Get Big & Get Bold Podcast, to talk all about Quantum Leaping. This episode talks about the steps in the Quantum Leap strategy, moving past the Imposter Syndrome that affects so many of us and how to properly visualize your goals. Tune into today's episode!


  • How I became obsessed with the Quantum Leap strategy [2:24]

  • What are the steps to Quantum Leaping? [8:27]

  • What does life look like with your goal accomplished? [12:05]
  • What to do if you have trouble visualizing [15:20]

  • How I moved past the Imposter Syndrome [29:38]
  • You have to become a different person to accomplish your goals [37:31]


  • "You have to pursue the things that come up in your visualization" [19:05]

  • "Action will give you feedback to take the next action" [22:02]
  • "Doing things outside of your comfort zone will reate a Quantum Leap"

  • "You have to have faith that you've been given the desire for a reason" [35:03]
  • "You have knowledge and experience that people will pay you for" [41:51]



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