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S5. E143. Your Success & Your Health with Marie Young

business coach goal setting health and wellness nutrition podcast quantum leaps Aug 09, 2021

Marie Young is a Holistic Nutritionist, Nutrition and Mindset Mentor and mama of two little boys, on a mission to help ambitious women love themselves and their life through falling in love with healthy eating. Discovering her passion for cooking and baking wholesome food literally rescued Marie from a soul-sucking career and a life of people-pleasing, healed her relationship with food, and helped her find her true purpose. 

In today's episode, we talk about how to use food as a key to reconnecting with yourself & your dreams, how to make quantum leaps in your health through nutrition & mindset and some nutrition strategies for busy entrepreneurs.



  • How Marie got started in health and wellness [1:30]

  • Every obstacle is a building block that leads you to your purpose [6:18]

  • How our diet and nutrition can help us gain skills outside of the kitchen [12:10]
  • Some mindset practices to help you stay on track with your health [18:13]

  • Some of Marie's health hacks for busy entrepreneurs [29:45]
  • Some tips to get your health on track today! [37:36]


  • "Different seasons require different health and nutrition practices" [17:36]

  • "Being healthy shouldn't feel like you're punishing yourself" [35:25]


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