S5. E142. How to Re-Align to Your Goal

achieving your goal business coach entrepreneur goal setting podcast quantum leap Aug 03, 2021

We're in the second half of 2021 now and it's time to get re-alligned with your goal. If you've been finding that you've started to drift a bit away from your goal, then this is the episode for you! Let me help you get back on track...tune into today's episode!



  • What is a paradigm and how does it steer us away from our goal? [1:46]

  • You need to make some shifts to be on the same frequency as your goal

  • Some tips on how to keep yourself accountable [12:47]
  • The work has to be mental as well [16:46]


  • "Take yourself out of your reality and put yourself into your goal achieved" [13:39]



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