S5. E135. Suspend Your Disbelief

business coach entrepreneur goal setting podcast quantum leap Jun 07, 2021

What do you truly believe to be true about yourself? We are so conditioned by these beliefs we hold about ourselves that many of us don't even try to go after our dreams because we believe we can't accomplish them. But what if I told you that your thinking surrounding your potential was flawed?! Tune into today's episode to learn more.



  • What would you change if you knew you would be successful? [3:38]

  • Why the way you think of your potential is flawed [5:02]

  • We need to revert back to our child-like thinking [9:58]
  • What actions would you take if you knew you couldn't fail? [17:05]


  • "There were always be uncertainty, whether you make changes or stay the same" [4:26]

  • "Your doubts are not a product of accurate thinking" [6:12]
  • "You have overcome 100% of the challenges you've faced" [11:18]

  • "Faith is vital to the accomplishment of your goal" [15:51]
  • "Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity" [21:23]



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