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S5. E130. Lessons From My 2 Big Careers Changes

business coach career change entrepreneur goal setting growth mindset podcast quantum leap May 21, 2021

If you’re feeling stuck, discontent and ready for your next level, in this episode I share lessons from my two big career changes that will help you perhaps start yours!



  • Do you feel stuck or dissatisfied with your current results? [3:46]

  • Being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to work when it works for you

  • Start exploring the other ways you could be making money [6:59]
  • What does your gut tell you is right for you? [13:22]

  • If you don't listen to your gut, you will be forced to listen eventually [20:43]

  • You have to be decisive about what you want [23:55]
  • Knowing what you want is the most important step [27:39]


  • "I attracted opportunities to me when I put out the energy that I was looking for something" [8:23]

  • "When an opportunity presents itself... say YES!" [9:11]
  • "When you're feeling stuck, you've stopped growing and we're here on this planet to grow" [15:57]

  • "You're not meant to do the same thing, everyday, for the rest of your life" [17:24]
  • "You're never too old to go after your dreams" [28:47]


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