S5. E126. The Power of Decision

achieving your goals business coach entrepreneur goal setting growth mindset podcast quantum leaps May 06, 2021

Today's episode comes from some recent training I did inside The Success Factor. I talk all about the power of making a quick and firm decision. We often focus on the negative... "What if it doesn't work out"? But, what if it does? Tune into today's episode.



  • Everytime you learn something, your awareness expands [5:03]

  • Making a decision is the one thing that will simplify your life [5:53]

  • We're programmed to think of everything bad that might happen


  • "Sitting in indecision is one of the most painful places to be" [8:03]

  • "Leaders in every walk of life decide quickly and firmly" [9:16]
  • "The universe conspires for those who know where they're going" [12:47]

  • "Decide on what you want based on your desire, not your current resources"
  • "The only way to fail is to quit on your dreams" [17:31]

  • "What are you risking by not going after your goal?" [19:34]



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