S5. E119. Stop the BUSY... How Less Is More!

business coach entrepreneur goal setting growth mindset manifestation podcast quantum leap Apr 12, 2021

Are you trying to get started on your goal, but find that your super long list is holding you back from getting started? In today's episode, I give you some advice on how to sort through this list and eliminate or deligate some of your day-to-day tasks. It is so important in the Quantum Leap Strategy to find some time for white space and in today's episode, I show you how. Tune in to learn more!


  • Do you feel overwhelmed with all of the things you have to do? [2:30]

  • How to sort through your big list [4:55]

  • Out of everything on your list, only about 20% contribute to your results
  • You absolutely NEED quiet time in order for the Quantum Leap strategy to work [9:26]

  • Do you feel the need to identify as a busy person? [12:46]

  • Asking for help is going to propell your business forward [15:50]
  • I have scheduled in time for white space in the morning [17:57]


  • "Quantum Leaps are just as much about what you need to stop doing as what you need to start doing" [4:09]

  • "Doing nothing is an action for your business" [19:23]
  • "The pursuit of your goal isn't always about doing more" [22:05]



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