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S5. E114. Words to Never Say About Money [MONEY MARCH]

entrepreneur growth mindset money money march money mindset podcast Mar 21, 2021

In today's episode, I talk about some of the common phrases that I've found myself saying when it comes to money that have definitely not served me. I want you to learn from my mistakes. Plus, I'm going to give you some alternatives. Listen to today's episode to learn more!



  • Some of the common negative phrases we say concerning money [4:50]

  • Why it's important to be aware of the language you use surrounding money [7:41]

  • Some helpful tips on how to change your verbiage when it comes to money [18:23]
  • If there's something that you want, think about how you can make it happen [21:03]

  • Do you believe that you're always supported when it comes to money?


  • "What we put out energetically, we get back ten-fold" [9:43]

  • "Our words have power, but our feelings control so much more" [12:02]
  • "What we see in our reality, is what is created in our beliefs" [16:51]



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