S4. E39. Let's talk money, money, money and why you should want MORE!

In today's episode talk Money Money Money Money! I share why you want to create an income goal and how wanting more money isn't a bad thing, NO WAY! Having lots of money is good for you, your family, your friends, your growth and the world! Let's dig in!



  • How my income goals have changed in the last year [3:17]

  • Price out everything you want and see if it actually matches your goals [7:38]

  • Once I made my goal, I started seeing examples of people accomplishing it [10:34]
  • I want money to allow me to do more things in my life [16:55]


  • "I had to strip away the things that weren't contributing to my goal and focus on the things that were" [12:44]
  • ...
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