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S5. E103. Be inspired with Cat Golden of Nurses Inspiring Nurses

business coach cat golden entrepreneur growth mindset mindset coach nurses inspire nurses podcast Feb 11, 2021

Cat Golden, BSN, RN Her passion for helping nurses find the confidence they need to create their own schedules, take a chance on their dreams and maintain self-care sparked her movement, Nurses Inspire Nurses. She runs the Nurses Inspire Nurses shop and hosts monthly events and coffee talks, as well as, provides free resources to support nurses no matter their location. She has shipped Nurses Inspire Nurses merchandise to thousands of nurses across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia and built a seven figure business in under two years. She is based in Metro Detroit where she manages a team of eight and oversees operations at the Nurses Inspire Nurses warehouse. Twice a year she takes nurses through her signature 90-day mentorship program, the LEAP LAND LIVE Method to help them look inside themselves and uncover what they’re truly passionate about. She believes that if nurses embrace their true BEing they will uncover their purpose and be able to live a life they’re obsessed with. Her motto is LEAP LAND LIVE. Leap, take a chance on yourself. Land, confidently on your own two feet. Live, a life by your design.



  • How Cat got started on her entrepreneurial journey [3:49]

  • The lessons Cat's learned from the obstacles she's overcome [14:39]

  • The small steps are all important to reach the big goal [21:29]
  • You absolutely have to be aligned with your goal, in order for it to work out [36:08]

  • What role has mindset played in Cat's journey? [38:41]


  • "If you have a desire to do something, the how unfolds as you take action" [11:48]

  • "I've lost everything and still been okay" [15:36]
  • "Let people see that the journey is not always easy" [19:22]

  • "I've always been so connected to this being something bigger than myself"



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