S5. E102. Why I'm Starting a Brand Spanking New Instagram Account

business coach business growth entrepreneur growth mindset instagram podcast quantum leap social media Feb 08, 2021

I created my @shanarecker account with a completely different energy than I have now. My legitimacy as a business coach depended on the number of followers I had and the number of likes/comments I got. Now, I couldn't care less. What matters is the quality of the people that are showing up, not the quantity. Listen to today's episode to learn more!



  • The number of likes or followers shouldn't impact your legitimacy [2:27]

  • I built this account with a completely different energy [12:17]


  • "I thought people would take me more seriously if I had a lot of followers" [4:21]

  • "I was tired of feeling unworthy as a coach if I didn't have a certain number of followers" [7:51]