S4. E65. Mastering Social Media Engagement

Social media is such a great, mostly free way to advertise who you are and what it is that you can offer others. But, if nobody's seeing your posts, it won't be nearly as effective as it could be. In today's episode, I give you my 8 best tips for how to maximize the use of your social media channels and get the results you're looking for!



  • Get clear on who you are, and who your business helps [2:31]

  • Be consistently showing up on social media [3:53]

  • Setting yourself to have engagement on your posts [5:48]
  • How to choose the right hashtags [7:42]

  • Make sure you reply to every comment [10:40]
  • Choosing the right time to post [12:07]

  • Video is the way of the...
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S4. E45. Where the best Instagram Posts Come From

Between choosing the right picture and writing the perfect caption, it can sometimes be difficult knowing what to post on Instagram to really make an impact. In today's episode, I talk about how I've gotten through that anxiety surrounding Instagram and share some tips on how to create posts with authenticity.


  • Don't force yourself to post something that's not true to your brand and who you are [2:15]

  • What does your ideal client need to hear? [4:49]

  • If you're not sure what your clients need to hear, think of what you needed to hear 5-10 years ago [8:26]


  • "The posts that come the most naturally always get the most engagement" [6:23]


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Abundant Babes with Viola Hug

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on the Abundant Babes Podcast with Viola Hug. We covered a lot, from my experience with entrepreneurship, to what I believe is the best social media strategy in today’s social climate. I had a great time sharing my experiences with Viola’s listeners! Have a listen for yourself here: Click Here to Listen!


  • Where I got my entrepreneurial spirit [3:09]

  • It is important to take action on your ideas [11:06]

  • Showing up authentically means showing the failures too [15:26]

  • Being aware of the energy your bringing [25:22]

  • My thoughts on your social media strategy [29:40]


  • “I want to move into the...

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