S4. E88. You don't need all the answers. Just start!

business coach entrepreneur entrepreneurship getting started podcast Dec 07, 2020

I get the wanting to be perfect before you put yourself out there. I know that it's scary and that everything should be just right when you launch. But, I'm telling you that it will never be perfect and you will never have all of the answers. My advice to you is to just do it. Just take that first step, and I promise you will learn everything along the way!



  • You are never going to have all of the answers! [3:37]

  • My advice is to just start putting yourself out there [8:28]

  • Feel the fear and do it anyways! [14:06]


  • "The answers you need, won't find you sitting still" [11:28]

  • "I knew I needed to show up online and share a message" [14:45]