S4. E20. Getting started as an entrepreneur with Jason Recker

SPECIAL GUEST Jason Recker (my hubby!) joins me in this episode to talk about business start-ups! Between the two of us, we've started and run 4 businesses. We've had some experience in this area, the fears, the vulnerable moments, the lessons and the wins.



  • Jason's journey to becoming an entrepreneur [3:57]

  • There's never a good time to start a business [8:32]

  • How Jason decided to start his second business [9:14]
  • Social media has made it so much easier to start your business [11:29]

  • My journey through network marketing [13:16]

  • If someone else is out there doing something, why can't you do it? [16:34]
  • My first investment in a...

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Abundant Babes with Viola Hug

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on the Abundant Babes Podcast with Viola Hug. We covered a lot, from my experience with entrepreneurship, to what I believe is the best social media strategy in today’s social climate. I had a great time sharing my experiences with Viola’s listeners! Have a listen for yourself here: Click Here to Listen!


  • Where I got my entrepreneurial spirit [3:09]

  • It is important to take action on your ideas [11:06]

  • Showing up authentically means showing the failures too [15:26]

  • Being aware of the energy your bringing [25:22]

  • My thoughts on your social media strategy [29:40]


  • “I want to move into the...

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147. WHY are you doing what you do? Last episode of 2019!

You know those moments when you read or hear something and you're like OMG why have I never looked at this that way? That happened to me this morning. I was listening to Chris Harder's podcast For the Love of Money episode 290 with Joey Speers. Joey is a 21-year-old, GEN Z, a marketing genius and he talked about how far too often people focus on marketing WHAT they do but never talk about WHY they do it. And that if we want to grow our businesses and capture the younger up and coming markets we need to put more emphasis on the WHY. I talk all about my point of view on the WHY and it's important to your marketing.


  • It's important to create an...

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146. Launching something? How to make sure people see it and sign up!

You're ready to launch! Congratulations girl, this is super exciting! Let's be sure your audience sees what you have to offer. Today I share some tips on getting your product, webinar, membership group, lead magnet, your new business WHATEVER it is these tips will help you get more eyes on your product!



  • The best way to get people to sign up for that webinar [1:05]

  • Repetition is key! [4:05]

  • Get your audience to share your event! [5:05]

  • Do a few webinars - not just one! [5:44]


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140. How to get over your limiting beliefs.

Who else gets that sneaky little voice in your head that says "you can't do that!" when you're about to do something out of your comfort zone? You're lying if you don't! We all do. In this episode, I share what limiting beliefs are, why they happen and then three things you need to do to get through the limits your ego puts on you!


  • You are designed to avoid the scary & dangerous things [1:11]

  • Creating an awareness around these limiting thoughts [5:37]

  • Feeling the fear and doing it anyways [6:59]


  • "What we're really fulfilled with is the growth that happens" [4:33]

  • "Once you take action and you see that those stories you were making up in your...

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