S4. E92. [Pt.1] How to make a Quantum Leap in 2021

I've been a fan of You 2 for so long now and I am so excited to announce that I am starting 2021 as a certified coach of this Quantum Leap strategy! I want to teach you everything I'm learning, which is why I created this 4-5 part series.

In today's episode, I talk all about how to achieve your goals with less effort and less time. Doesn't that sound like the dream?! Listen along to today's episode to find out how this can become your reality!



  • What is the Quantum Leap strategy? [6:03]

  • Picking your aiming point [11:22]

  • Prepare yourself to get uncomfrotable [18:12]
  • Keep your goal to yourself [19:38]


  • "You are the most powerful person in your...

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S4. E88. You don't need all the answers. Just start!

I get the wanting to be perfect before you put yourself out there. I know that it's scary and that everything should be just right when you launch. But, I'm telling you that it will never be perfect and you will never have all of the answers. My advice to you is to just do it. Just take that first step, and I promise you will learn everything along the way!



  • You are never going to have all of the answers! [3:37]

  • My advice is to just start putting yourself out there [8:28]

  • Feel the fear and do it anyways! [14:06]


  • "The answers you need, won't find you sitting still" [11:28]

  • "I knew I needed to show up online and share a message" [14:45]...
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S4. E86. Pivoting from Bricks & Mortar to Online with Shirlee Williams

Shirlee began her yoga journey more than 30 years ago. It started on a shag carpet in the basement of a lady's house that her mother took her to. That first yoga class changed her life forever. 

Shirlee is a spiritual seeker, a mother of twin boys, and a teacher deeply committed to living and helping others live a full and fabulous life.

Shirlee says "I feel so lucky to have been able to study with so many amazing yoga and meditation teachers. My teaching and practice have been influenced most profoundly by Esther Meyers and the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. A million hours, many years of travelling and lots of soul searching."

The owner/director of Buddha Rider Yoga and Cycle studio...

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S4. E85. What if no one could see how many followers you have...?

How would you show up differently on Instagram if no one could see how many followers you have? In this episode, I share my thoughts on what would happen if Instagram hid the number of followers we have. Would it be better?



  • Are you interested in a social media masterclass? [1:07]

  • Do you equate followers with success? [3:18]

  • The engagement is what really counts! [6:08]


  • "I want to help you maximize the time that you're spending on social media" [8:07]


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S4. E84. Talking mindset with our kids...and they listened!

For maybe the first time ever, I talked to my kids about their mindset and they were receptive! We talked about some of the steps that they can take today in order to set themselves up for the future. If you could go back and tell your 20-year-old self about the importance of mindset... what advice would you give?



  • Join my social media 2-day bootcamp! [1:20]

  • What would you tell your 20 year old self about mindset? [4:03]

  • Our parents were used to living in their current results [7:17]
  • Making the choice to stay in a positive vibration [10:34]


  • "Your thinking is what controls your reality" [5:59]

  • "It's such a gift for us to teach our...

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S4. E83. How will I know when I'm ready? ANSWER: YOU WON'T!

We spend so much of our time here making up excuses as to why we shouldn't or can't pursue our dreams. "I'm too busy", "I don't have the money" or "It's just not the right time" are common ones. Does this sound like you? I am telling you that it will never be the perfect time...the "perfect" time doesn't exist. Take that first step today to achieving your goals!



  • Some of the things I have going on in the next couple of weeks [1:46]

  • It will probably never feel like "the time is right" [4:55]

  • I lost a year off of my business because I was too scared to try [7:08]
  • There is always going to be an excuse as to why you shouldn't do it [10:54]


  • ...

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S4. E79. The goal is to enjoy the journey

We all experience the ups and downs in business and life, and I think especially given the current times, they can feel even more daunting. In today's episode, I talk about what to do when you start to feel yourself falling into that funk. Stay in a positive vibration and you'll start to see the rest of your life fall into place.



  • The online entrepreneurial journey can be a lonely one [1:24]

  • What to do when you start to feel the self-doubt [2:48]

  • The obstacles are there to move us forward [7:22]
  • When you start to feel that negativity, find a way to shift your vibration [9:21]


  • "You have to be persistant and show up everyday to move the...

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S4. E20. Getting started as an entrepreneur with Jason Recker

SPECIAL GUEST Jason Recker (my hubby!) joins me in this episode to talk about business start-ups! Between the two of us, we've started and run 4 businesses. We've had some experience in this area, the fears, the vulnerable moments, the lessons and the wins.



  • Jason's journey to becoming an entrepreneur [3:57]

  • There's never a good time to start a business [8:32]

  • How Jason decided to start his second business [9:14]
  • Social media has made it so much easier to start your business [11:29]

  • My journey through network marketing [13:16]

  • If someone else is out there doing something, why can't you do it? [16:34]
  • My first investment in a...

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Abundant Babes with Viola Hug

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on the Abundant Babes Podcast with Viola Hug. We covered a lot, from my experience with entrepreneurship, to what I believe is the best social media strategy in today’s social climate. I had a great time sharing my experiences with Viola’s listeners! Have a listen for yourself here: Click Here to Listen!


  • Where I got my entrepreneurial spirit [3:09]

  • It is important to take action on your ideas [11:06]

  • Showing up authentically means showing the failures too [15:26]

  • Being aware of the energy your bringing [25:22]

  • My thoughts on your social media strategy [29:40]


  • “I want to move into the...

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147. WHY are you doing what you do? Last episode of 2019!

You know those moments when you read or hear something and you're like OMG why have I never looked at this that way? That happened to me this morning. I was listening to Chris Harder's podcast For the Love of Money episode 290 with Joey Speers. Joey is a 21-year-old, GEN Z, a marketing genius and he talked about how far too often people focus on marketing WHAT they do but never talk about WHY they do it. And that if we want to grow our businesses and capture the younger up and coming markets we need to put more emphasis on the WHY. I talk all about my point of view on the WHY and it's important to your marketing.


  • It's important to create an...

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