The PURSUIT Podcast

S4. E86. Pivoting from Bricks & Mortar to Online with Shirlee Williams

business coach entrepreneur entrepreneurship podcast shirlee williams yoga yoga business Nov 30, 2020

Shirlee began her yoga journey more than 30 years ago. It started on a shag carpet in the basement of a lady's house that her mother took her to. That first yoga class changed her life forever. 

Shirlee is a spiritual seeker, a mother of twin boys, and a teacher deeply committed to living and helping others live a full and fabulous life.

Shirlee says "I feel so lucky to have been able to study with so many amazing yoga and meditation teachers. My teaching and practice have been influenced most profoundly by Esther Meyers and the Anusara School of Hatha Yoga. A million hours, many years of travelling and lots of soul searching."

The owner/director of Buddha Rider Yoga and Cycle studio in Collingwood. The studio has been in business for 13. She has now made the decision to pivot and move completely online!

Shirlee operates a yoga meets life coaching business now where she coaches Yoga teachers on how to build their business and their brand.  Beyond 200 her signature program was born this year.



  • What triggered Shirlee to want to be in the online space? [3:23]

  • There will always be a million reasons why not... [8:24]

  • How Shirlee has put herself out into the online space [15:43]
  • The importance of hiring a coach for yourself [19:11]

  • How Shirlee was able to launch her first program [21:41]

  • The trickle effect of the lives you impact is amazing [31:47]
  • What's next for Shirlee? [34:13]


  • "The universe will present it's offerings when you're ready to receive them" [10:09]

  • "If you set a goal of what you want, play full out for it" [27:28]



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