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S4. E80. Growth Hurts

business coach business growth entrepreneur entrepreneur life growth podcast Nov 09, 2020

When I repeatedly hear something from my clients, that's when I know I have to record an episode on this. And I'll be honest...I have also been feeling this feeling of growth lately. You will always have this feeling of discomfort when you're learning and growing. It is the ego protecting you from something that feels foreign to you. But, how do you work through this uncomfortable feeling? Tune into today's episode to find out.



  • It's good to feel uncomfortable when it comes to growth [1:21]

  • The ego tries to protect us from change [5:12]

  • How do you get through the awkward growth phases? [7:50]
  • Try your best to just take a breath [10:15]


  • "We are on this earth to grow" [3:05]

  • "Every level you reach in your business comes with a new phase of growth" [6:46]

  • "When you feel that discomfort, go do something for your business" [14:04]
  • "At the very minimum, promise me that you will not give into that fear" [16:01]


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