S4. E65. Mastering Social Media Engagement

Social media is such a great, mostly free way to advertise who you are and what it is that you can offer others. But, if nobody's seeing your posts, it won't be nearly as effective as it could be. In today's episode, I give you my 8 best tips for how to maximize the use of your social media channels and get the results you're looking for!



  • Get clear on who you are, and who your business helps [2:31]

  • Be consistently showing up on social media [3:53]

  • Setting yourself to have engagement on your posts [5:48]
  • How to choose the right hashtags [7:42]

  • Make sure you reply to every comment [10:40]
  • Choosing the right time to post [12:07]

  • Video is the way of the future! [13:41]


  • "You need to be authentic and let your freak flag fly!" [9:37]

  • "The best rule of thumb is to think about how you interact on social media" [13:20]

  • "You have to be willing to be bad before you'll be able to get good" [15:17]



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