S4. E63. Lessons from a Pandemic.

business coach entrepreneur online business online marketing pandemic lessons podcast Aug 31, 2020

Hard to believe it's been 7 months since the schools shut down and the world changed forever. In this episode, I share what COVID life has taught me and how I see the future for business now that we're in this new time and space.



  • Being more patient and going with the flow [3:13]

  • We need to make our health a priority [6:32]

  • I'm grateful for the adaptability working online has given me [9:38]


  • "Never take time with family and friends for granted" [1:34]

  • "The universe knows what it's doing" [5:00]
  • "I've learned that having a business that you can run online is a great way to protect your security and income" [11:26]