S4. E63. Lessons from a Pandemic.

Hard to believe it's been 7 months since the schools shut down and the world changed forever. In this episode, I share what COVID life has taught me and how I see the future for business now that we're in this new time and space.



  • Being more patient and going with the flow [3:13]

  • We need to make our health a priority [6:32]

  • I'm grateful for the adaptability working online has given me [9:38]


  • "Never take time with family and friends for granted" [1:34]

  • "The universe knows what it's doing" [5:00]
  • "I've learned that having a business that you can run online is a great way to protect your security and income" [11:26]


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S4. E47. What your small daily excuses are adding up to.

I call myself out on my own bull crap excuses in today's episode. And I know if I needed this kick in the pants some of you do also. I have been full of excuses as to why I couldn't do something and this past week I SNAPPED. I share all about it in today's episode. Get ready for a kick in the butt if you've been making your own excuses around something in your life!



  • Sometimes you need to snap in order to wake up and stop making excuses [2:06]

  • When you financially invest in something, it holds you accountable [6:20]

  • You need to turn your excuses into a commitment [8:19]


  • "The little excuses add up over time" [5:08]

  • "It takes just as much...

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155. Create content that helps you build your business and make you money!

In this episode, I share how you can GET UNSTUCK when it comes to content with my new super-duper affordable, (I'm talking under $100 people) new online workshop where I will teach you EVERYTHING I know about how to create content that connects to ideal prospects, how to use that content to build your business and the best part... how you can make online programs with your content! The return on investment for this workshop is going to be EPIC!



  • My new three day course helps you create content and use it to grow your business [2:28]

  • How to build trust with people & turn them into customers [5:22]


  • "I want...
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Take your online brand to the NEXT LEVEL this year with these 4 tips.

4 things you can do this year to help take your online brand to the NEXT LEVEL. What I see that's working for me and other entrepreneurs that you can start doing today.


  • #1: Check in with your energy before showing up online [2:10]

  • #2: Stop comparing your brand and business to those around you [6:36]

  • #3: Fully show up as yourself [10:01]

  • #4: Showing up and doing the work [14:30] 

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147. WHY are you doing what you do? Last episode of 2019!

You know those moments when you read or hear something and you're like OMG why have I never looked at this that way? That happened to me this morning. I was listening to Chris Harder's podcast For the Love of Money episode 290 with Joey Speers. Joey is a 21-year-old, GEN Z, a marketing genius and he talked about how far too often people focus on marketing WHAT they do but never talk about WHY they do it. And that if we want to grow our businesses and capture the younger up and coming markets we need to put more emphasis on the WHY. I talk all about my point of view on the WHY and it's important to your marketing.


  • It's important to create an...

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