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S4. E47. What your small daily excuses are adding up to.

business coach course creation entrepreneur no more excuses online coach online marketing podcast Jun 19, 2020

I call myself out on my own bull crap excuses in today's episode. And I know if I needed this kick in the pants some of you do also. I have been full of excuses as to why I couldn't do something and this past week I SNAPPED. I share all about it in today's episode. Get ready for a kick in the butt if you've been making your own excuses around something in your life!



  • Sometimes you need to snap in order to wake up and stop making excuses [2:06]

  • When you financially invest in something, it holds you accountable [6:20]

  • You need to turn your excuses into a commitment [8:19]


  • "The little excuses add up over time" [5:08]

  • "It takes just as much energy to make an excuse as it does to just do it" [10:34]


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