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S4. E57. Your Brain is a Goal Seeking Missile

business coach entrepreneur goal setting growth mindset podcast Jul 31, 2020

Recently, I asked one of my clients what her goals were. When she struggled to answer this question, I knew that she was not alone. We often either minimize our goals or don't set goals out of fear of failure.

If you don't know what it is that you want, your brain will accect the minimum and your actions will follow. Setting goals for yourself allows you to have a clear direction of where it is that you want to go, and your brain will think of ways for you to achieve these goals.

I challenge you to set some goals that make you a bit uncomfortable and see what happens!



  • Why it is important to set goals for yourself [2:04]

  • Make goals that make you a bit uncomfortable [6:42]

  • Journaling your life into existance [10:06]


  • "When you're setting a goal for yourself, it is critical to think without limits"

  • "It's not selfish to want for things" [4:24]

  • "You can't live out your dreams, if you don't even know the coordinates" [8:53]
  • "You have to know where you want to land before you jump" [13:08]


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